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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Leaving Prague

Should you decide to hitch-hike from Prague to say, Bratislava, or even grand Wien, make sure you get someone actually going to one or the other. A series of shorter hops cannot be done on this trail. Should you decide otherwise, there are a number of theoretical possibilities that might occur. Theoretically you might get a lift from a guy that speaks practically no english, which makes communication difficult in regards to where you happen to be going, and he may only be going say, twenty miles or so. Theoretically he could drop you off on the ramp off the motorway that has such an abundance of traffic to see one car every ten minutes. Theoretically, you may try hitching, illegally, on the motorway itself. Theoretically you may decide to get to the town that guy was going to to get a bus. It might be about ten miles away, but what options have you? You might be lucky enough to get a lift to that small town, Theoretically find the bus depot, Theoretically point at pictures of buses so people know that you'd want to take one out of their miniscule area of concrete. Theoretically, the only bus goes back to Prague, where as chance might have it, there's a bus heading towards, say Bratislava, which Theoretically, you could take. Or could've taken in the first place. Theoretically of course, or not. Anyway, 'misewell' chance the thumb right? Oh yeah, and on that Theoretically bus to Bratislava, don't panic, you are probably still on the bus. The Czechs have got the idea about speed and turbulence. They just forgot that speed isn't usually an accompanying factor or that turbulence is usually reserved for the flying variety of bus.

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