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Thursday, December 3, 2009


So what is Prague? It's been called many things, usually good and involving iconic bridges. So what is Prague? An old draughty city choc-a-bloc with bagfuls of all things Baroque. And yet the draughtyness is held at arms length by the integration of technology and tourists swarming the ancient capital. High above, the castle stands guard like a starving soldier waiting in vain for his relief, but still must stand ever so attentively. It's only defense from the tourists is one that was good back when, standing the test of time but no longer repelling militant invaders, its height and endless barrage of stairs to the castle grounds and gardens. Today's invaders are somewhat less dangerous should they not all select 'flash' at the same time.
Should you survive the castle's grand defense mechanism, do not be tempted by Pragish beer. Yes there are stories, the 'piva' is amazing in Prague, and cheap, which is never a bad thing for beer to be. Yes the beer is cheap, but go to pay and see that they've charged you for what you thought were free pretzels sat out for patrons, do not look surprised. At least not too much. This city is clinging to all it's got; a billion tourists a day in a multitude of touring throngs being led by the same number of little flags on sticks. After a while, even Prague's greatest asset becomes little more than a commonplace eyesore. Baroque architecture begins to dwindle from its elaborate pedestal of delightfulness. Gothic structures appear freakish yet tantalising should you be able to see them through the waving wanded flags shepherding its flock of camera bearers. That said, the Astronomical Clock is a thing to marvel, and should you sit down in the old town square to enjoy it, you may care to sample some of the abundant free pretzels... ...

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